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Portland Gas Celebrates Successful Groundbreaking for Portland Gas Green Park

The Federal government has expressed commitment to deepening the utilization of Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG and other cleaner fuels for domestic and industrial purposes.

Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on Energy, Mrs. Olu Verheijen, disclosed this at the groundbreaking of Portland Gas Limited’s facility designed for CNG, and LPG and integrated with cutting-edge Electric Vehicle Charging Services in Lagos.

The Adviser, who was represented by Mrs Eriye Onagoruwa, a senior official at the Presidency, said that increased adoption of CNG, LPG and others will reduce the current pressure on petrol while enabling Nigeria to achieve a cleaner environment.

Similarly, the Authority Chief Executive, Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, NMDPRA, Farouk Ahmed was represented by the Regional Coordinator of the South-West Region of NMDPRA, Engr. L. A. Cardoso said: “Today, as we embark on this groundbreaking exercise, it reflects the beginning of a transformative journey towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for our beloved city. “The idea to set up a one-stop shop fusing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and Electric Vehicle Charging services in one facility is a powerful testament to your unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

“In a world grappling with the consequences of climate change, towing the path to cleaner energy sources is not merely a choice but a profound responsibility for every well-meaning establishment, as it also underscores the government’s resolve to reducing heavy carbon footprints, harmful emissions and mitigating the impact of traditional fossil fuels on our environment.

“Lagos, like many rapidly growing urban centres, faces the dual challenge of meeting the energy needs of a rapidly increasing population while safeguarding the environment. The setting of this facility in Ojota is very strategic as it is positioned to make these important cost-effective alternative fuels readily available for both domestic and industrial users in the nearby communities.

“From a regulatory standpoint, Portland Gas has obtained the necessary approvals and met the statutory milestones required to commence this project, and the Authority will continue to enable this project by providing the necessary technical support and ensuring that laws guiding the Midstream and Downstream sector are followed.”

Similarly, the Chief Executive officer, of Portland Gas Limited, Folajimi Lai-Mohammed, said: “Today’s groundbreaking ceremony has marked the commencement of a journey that holds the promise of a greener, more sustainable future. The soil we turned today symbolizes not just the foundation of bricks and mortar but the foundation of our commitment to pioneering advancements in alternative energy solutions.

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each one of you – our distinguished guests, partners, employees, and community members – for gracing this occasion. The success of Portland Gas is intricately woven with the threads of collaboration, teamwork, and shared dedication to environmental stewardship.

“As we embark on this transformative venture, let us carry the spirit of today’s celebration forward. Let this groundbreaking ceremony be a beacon of inspiration, motivating us to reach new heights in our pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, break new grounds, and lead the way towards a cleaner, healthier planet.”

Also speaking, the Chief Operations Officer, of Portland Gas Limited, Michelle Ejiofor, said: “Today marks a momentous occasion in the journey of Portland Gas as we come together to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony of a project that embodies our commitment to sustainability and a greener future.

“This groundbreaking ceremony symbolizes not just the physical commencement of construction but the inception of a transformative initiative that will shape the landscape of alternative energy solutions.

“Portland Gas has long been dedicated to pioneering advancements in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and today’s ceremony is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices in the energy sector.

“The success of Portland Gas is a collaborative effort, and your presence here today reflects the shared commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

“As we break ground on this project, let us collectively envision the positive impact it will have on our environment, economy, and the communities we serve.

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